IPDN organized international seminar: “International Conference Of Decentralization 2012” with the theme “How Far Decentralization Goes” presents 32 speakers located in Room Grha Wyata Township on Wednesday, Novemeber 21, 2012. The seminar was attended by the entire academic community and other invited IPDN ,
The seminar was opened by the Director General of Regional Autonomy Ministry of Home Affairs Prof. Djohermansyah Djohan accompanied by the Rector and Vice-Chancellor IPDN, while the speaker of the seminar is:

1. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Martadha (Universiti Utara Malaysia) – Selected Public Participation in Local Governments in Malaysia.
2. Prof. Mukhlis Hamdi (IPDN) – The Beauty and The Ugly of Decentralization: Indonesia Experience
3. Prof. Prijono Tjiptoherijanto – University of Indonesia – Good Governance – The Story Book of Children
4. Dr. Syaifudin Zakir (UNSRI) Establishment Integrity In Public Administration and Public Services Institutions: Reflection On Post Reformation Era In Indonesia
5. Sofiarti Dyah Anngunia, MA (Manchester University) Analysing E-Administration In Developing Countries: Challenges & amp; Best Practices
6. Syahrul Alam (MAP Flinders University) A Review On The Implementation Of Regional Autonomy In Indonesia Based On Administrative Decentralization Perspective
7. Dr. Syarief makhya (The Formulation Of Lampung Provincial Budget Policy Of 2011
8. Dyah Mutiarin, PhD (University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta) Public Budgeting In The Fiscal Decentralization
9. Prof. Edward Hutagalung – Role Of Tax Object Of Tax Sales Value (NJOP) To Increase Revenue Of Land And Building Tax in DKI Jakarta Province
Anderiasta 10. Tarin, M.Si (Karo District) Decentralisation and Globalization In The Era Glocalization Findings And Lessons from Karo Regent North Sumatra province, Indonesia
11. Yunie Nurhayati R, St
12. Rahayu Sulistiowati, MAP – Evaluation Of Decentralization Implementation and regional autonomy In New autonomous Region
13. Mehroosh Mirzae Sichani – Decentralization Of Educational Planning In educational System In The Case Of Islamic republic of Iran
14. Dr. Diana Rochintaniawati (UPI Bandung) Educational policy Post Decentralization On Teacher Professional Development
15. Idris al amini EAL, M.Si
16. Dr. Nur Azizah – The Ignorance of Gender Perspective On Decentralization Policy
17. Tjahyo suparayogo (IPDN) – The Meaning Of Local Autonomy For Empowerment Of Local Community
18. Prof. Salah Suryadi (UNPAS)
19. Zahra Karami – Decentralization Of Health Care System Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran
20. Adha Sakti, MA (Manchester University)
21. Eni Susilawati, M.Si
22. Mudiyati Rahmatunisa, PhD (Padjadjaran University)
23. Ilham Yami, MS – In Democracy And A Incumbent Political Power: Takalar Election 2007
24. David Effendi (St. Louis)
25. Nursalam – The case of sandalwood management policy implementation in south central east Nusa Tenggara Timor
26. Nora Eka Putri (Padang State University)
27. Prof. Murtir Djedawi – The Role Of bureaucracy Increasing Competitiveness and Local Investment
28. Agi Agung Galuh Purwa
29. Mulya Amri, MA (LKY Singapore)
30. Mukrimin – Decentralization The Rise Of Ethnic Identity In Indonesia
31. Heri Prasetyo – Development And Uneven Development
32. Nurliah Nurdin (IPDN) – Indonesian Decentralization – Local Direct Election VS Public Services Delivery
In broad outline in the speech he delivered that with this seminar will hopefully contribute to the development of curriculum and science academicians in IPDN environment, so that the implementation of cooperation that others will be reborn and is also expected to be always sustainable and beneficial to all parties.